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This service is for those who want a digital file printed to traditional silver based B & W paper. Perhaps a telephone line needed to be removed by scanning a negative and manipulating with software or an image is particularly difficult to print in a traditional darkroom. When this happens it can be difficult to make multiple prints look the same. A digital negative can make printing simple by doing the corrections in a computer and contact printing to produce multiple identical prints.

Film will need to be scanned and converted to a negative. Digital files go direct to the negative.

This is a digital inkjet negative used to make a final print on traditional Silver Based Black and White Paper. This image required considerable work to bring out the clouds, darken the sky and provide separation between the peaks and the sky.

The negative is then contact printed onto traditional silver gelatin paper in the darkroom. The print is then spotted, toned and prepared for display. Both selenium and sepia toning are available as an optional service.

Photo of Mt Thielson taken from Crater Lake by Walt O'Brien