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All done the old fashioned way!
Still shooting film? We process both Black and White and Color negative (C-41) film. We process with or without contact sheets. We don't do 3x5 or 4x6 printing except as custom prints, see main price list. Scanning required.

Want custom processing to your specifications for Black and White negative film? Push or pull processing available at no extra charge.

We develop film up to 5x7 sheet and make contact sheets. Contact sheets are done in the darkroom unless a digital contact sheet is requested. Contact sheets from color negative are produced digitally.

Sizes are 126,35mm, 120, 220, 620, 4x5 sheet and 5x7 sheet.

Developers available are TD-16 (Improved D-76), TMAX developer and Adonol (Old Agfa Rodinol Formula) and HC-110. For color films we use only Kodak C-41 chemistry .

All films are processed using a Jobo rotary processor with one shot developer assuring a fresh evenly processed run each time.

We can hand process 127, 116, 616 or other older roll films. (Black and White only).