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We copy two dimensional originals up to 24x36 and create a reasonable facsimile on the monitor. We copy original 2D paintings, but do not make prints from our copies or copies made by others. We do not photograph 3D objects.

The copy service includes a disc with file sizes and types of your choice. Files are cleaned of dust and are cropped to the edge of the original.

Precise color matching of copies we make is not guaranteed. We only print from copied photographs, not paintings.
We use Epson and Nikon professional scanners for the best quality scans. Fluid mounting techniques for film are normally used. All of our scans include cleanup of dust and other minor defects in the original film. Contrast is set to avoid loss of detail in highlights or shadows. If the customer is printing directly form these scans, some additional work may be required to enhance brightness and contrast. If we are printing the scans, that work is included in the first print.

Scans are currently available from film up to 5x7 inches in size. Scams of prints or documents limited to 8.5 x 11.

Original 2D flatware up to 24x36 can be digitized using high definition copy methods. Cost for this service is more expensive and time consuming.